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User Guide

This guide will help you get starting using The NetLab Remote Laboratory by walking you through the process of registering for an account, booking a session time, launching the application, configuring a circuit and operating the instruments.

A printable version of this guide is available as a PDF document here (952kB).

Booking NetLab Sessions
Register for a NetLab account, view and edit your account details and book NetLab session times. [read]


Getting Started with NetLab
System requirements for running NetLab, launching the application, the security warning, and joining a NetLab session. [read]


The NetLab Desktop
Application overview, the user list, the chat pane, emoticons, the notification pane, the time limit monitor, the bandwidth monitor and the menus. [read]


The Live Laboratory Camera
Activating and deativating the camera, panning, tilting, zooming, showing and hiding the control panel, moving to preset positions, adjusting the refresh rate and changing the step sizes. [read]


Circuit Builder
Selecting components, wiring circuits, editing the values of variable components, configuring the remote circuit. [read]


The Function Generator
Displaying the function generator, adjusting the frequency, adjusting the wave shape, adjusting the amplitude, adjusting the duty cycle and adjusting the DC offset. [read]


The Digital Multimeter
Displaying the digital multimeter, measuring voltages, currents, resistances, frequencies, periods, adjusting the range, auto and manual trigger. [read]


The Oscilliscope
Displaying the oscilliscope, showing and hiding channels, adjusting the voltage scales and offset for each channel, adjusting the time scale, adjusting the trigger channel and trigger level, X-Y mode, saving channel data. [read]